More About Me

Yami, a true South Floridian who has grown up exploring the vibrant communities from Miami to West Palm Beach. With an intimate understanding of the local lifestyle, whether it's the allure of the beach or the charm of inland living, Yami has experienced it all. She has made it her personal mission to immerse herself in the beauty of the region, visiting state parks, sunny beaches, and leisurely biking through South Florida’s neighborhoods.

Yami’s passion for the South Florida lifestyle eventually lead her into becoming a local market expert in the Real Estate world. While she may be new to the real estate industry, her background in the hospitality business has honed her customer service skills to perfection. With over a decade of experience in the hospitality sector, Yami is dedicated to providing her clients with an unparalleled experience, as evidenced by her name being mentioned in multiple glowing reviews. Her commitment is to deliver a real estate journey that will leave you raving about the exceptional service you received.

Yami understands that everyone aspires to live their best life, and for her, that meant working in a field where she could bring smiles to people's faces and make their dreams come true. Having personally experienced frequent relocations during her upbringing, she realized the value of a home that would be cherished for generations. She refers to this as the perfect home, one that stands the test of time and becomes an integral part of a family's story.

When Yami isn’t involved in Real Estate you can find her continuing to embrace an active lifestyle. Whether it's engaging in beach volleyball, fitness, or cherishing moments with her loved ones, she is always on the move with an unwavering drive. Her ultimate goal is to achieve a comfortable place in life where she can wholeheartedly support her friends and family, showcasing to them the incredible inspiration they have instilled within her.